"O que Lénin e Trotsky não atingiram com o fim de conduzir as forças que dormitam no bolchevismo para a vitória final, será obtido através da política mundial da Europa e América." - Rosenberg 1930

quarta-feira, 30 de março de 2011

jovem sueca assassinada por...«jovem»

eis Ephrem-Tadele-Yohannes, o violador e assassino da jovem sueca Elin Krantz que colaborava com a organização "anti-racista" "Vi gillar olika". para que no futuro, jovens semelhantes a esta, saibam e vejam o resultado daquilo que defendem. que, pelo menos, possa servir de lição...senão a todas, pelo menos a algumas.

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Anónimo disse...

mais uma sueca a ser morta e violada e a não deixar suecos, isto numa altura em que estão praticamente em extinsão.

Enfim... ao menos era uma das burrinhas que defendem os negros e querem uma Suécia com mais diversidade.

Claro que as amigas Suecas lá do grupo se vierem a saber que foi um negro, la vão dizer "ah nao podemos ser racistas, acontece com todos, os Suecos também violam, etc" e é isto. A lavagem cerebral funciona às mil maravilhas pela Europa fora. Rumo ao genocidio, bora lá.

Thor disse...

é branca e gira, mas estava a fazer mais mal do que bem, aos brancos em geral...

Anónimo disse...

é girita, mas para Sueca fica um bocado aquém.
Não tem aquela cara tipicamente Sueca aliada a muita beleza.

Enfim tanta burrice que até dá dó.

Anónimo disse...

os gajos que casam com muslas, também se lixam.

Anónimo disse...


The following is the story of "Ann," told in her own words, about life married to a Muslim.

Well, gosh there is so much to say. I guess you could say when I met "Ahmed" he swept me off my feet. I was a single parent going to school full time and working full time. When I met Ahmed he was so charming; so full of promises — which were all lies. After a whirlwind romance, he asked me to marry him and I said yes.

We lived in my apartment since he had nothing but an old car and a few personal belongings — and a bunch of promises. Ahmed told me he was not legal before I married him and I agreed to sponsor him so he could get his green card.

After we married he went to visit his family in Syria. I was not invited, which hurt me, but there was no reasoning with him. Ahmed was gone for a month but he called once a week and came back with lots of gold jewelry for me. How nice! I remember thinking.

I got pregnant two years later and was very ill during the pregnancy. I had to be hospitalized and Ahmed just dumped me off at the hospital and left me there. When I was released, I was told to go on bed rest. Ahmed would not pick me up from the hospital so I got a friend to pick me up and take me home. Ahmed was sitting on the couch and he barked, "I'm hungry! I want food." I, of course, ignored him and went to lie down.

Our son was born and he was very ill because of some type of unidentified genetic disorder. Ahmed named our son "Abu" and I was not given a choice in the matter.

Anónimo disse...


Abu was very sick. He spent four months in the Intensive Care Unit and needed a tracheotomy and a feeding tube to live. Abu is now going on eight and lives at home with me. He is on a ventilator and requires nursing and 24 hour supervision.

While Ahmed and I were together it was horrible. I was not allowed to work or go to school to finish college. He said I was having affairs with everyone at school and he was very mean with a vile temper. I was the one who had provided insurance for the family. I worked for the government and had great benefits. I took two years leave when Abu was ill and was trying to go back so we could have health insurance.

Ahmed was livid when he found out I wanted to go back to work. We had nurses caring for Abu. I explained to him about the insurance and he did not care that we were living in poverty at one of my relative's homes. Ahmed was never much of a worker. He refused to work for anyone that was not an Arab Muslim.

I did not return to my job and I took cobra insurance which was $250 per month. We were living on less than $1,200 per month.

Anónimo disse...


I had my daughter from a previous marriage living with us and at night she would sometimes want to sleep with me and Ahmed would say no one sleeps in my bed. "If your daughter sleeps with you, I will divorce you." he said.

Once, I accidentally brushed up against Ahmed during Ramadan and he said I made him dirty because women were unclean. He also told me that his father had told him that women had half a brain and were not to be trusted. This comes from a man that can not read or write.

Had I had known all of this about Ahmed I would have never ever gotten involved with him. There were several occasions when he spat in my face and called me filthy names. He would snap his fingers and command tea, "NOW." He also tried to bilk me out of money to pay off a bad business deal.

Ahmed was a faithful Muslim. He was also an abusive husband, a bad father, a liar, and a thief. He was very lazy and was unable to provide the basic support for a family, love, or companionship. That is why I left him. He was sucking the life out of me. I was the walking dead.

Anónimo disse...


Often Ahmed would say he was exhausted and would take vacations with his Arab male friends. He went to France, New York, Mexico — all while I stayed home taking care of our son. Like I said, I ended up leaving. I just could not take it. I was living in pure hell.

I live with my son and daughter. Ahmed relocated to a town 60 miles away four years ago. He visits his son 5 to 6 hours a week and he says if I contact a lawyer he will return to his country and I will not get a penny.

About two years ago he made me an offer. He was going to visit his family and asked if I could watch over his shop and that he would pay me. I decided to do it for the money. When he got back he did not pay me. He said the income tax that I got was my payment. I also found out he was wife-hunting to boot. After that encounter, I keep as far away from him as possible. He is full of lies — just an evil man.

I get very little support from this man. Remember, our son is disabled and on a ventilator at home.

Ahmed is now with a new wife he brought back from Syria. While he was engaged to this woman, he took an ad out on the internet for a local wife in case the one from Syria could not get a visa.

Ahmed's new wife is now pregnant again and she has had several miscarriages. Ahmed still does not have insurance nor did he think of all the genetic problems he has in his family.

His current wife is like a cat with no claws. She is covered head to toe and is a high school drop out. She will not be able to fight off her evil tormentor as I did and in the end he will suck the life out of her too and there will not be a thing that she can do.

Anónimo disse...


There are many women who I have encountered that have suffered because they got involved with a Muslim man. I got out and I want all women to be aware of these horrible; lying; abusive; so-called-god-fearing men. I was little more then gum on the bottom of his shoe and I was college educated and attractive.

I never thought this could happen to me. I want my story told so that the truth will be known. If you are involved with one of these guys think twice — don't waste your time. Just move on.