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quinta-feira, 19 de maio de 2011

estatísticas do Ocidente


Toronto: White 52.6%, South Asian 12%, Chinese 11.4%, Black 8.4%, Fillipino 4.1%, Latin American 2.6%, Aboriginals 0.5%

Montreal: Black 7.7%, Arab 4.3%, Latin Americans 3.4%, South Asian 3.2%, Fillipino 1.1%

Ottawa: Black 4.9%, Chinese 3.8%, South Asian 3.3%, Arab 3%


New York: Whites 45%, Blacks 27%, Hispanic 27%, Asian 10%

Los Angeles: Hispanic 48.5%, White 28.7%, Asian 11.3%, Black 9.6%, Mongrels 4.6%

Chicago: 31.7% Whites, 32.9% Blacks, 28.9% Hispanics, 13.4% Other Race, 5.5% Asian, 2.7% Mongrels

Detroit: 81.6% Blacks, 12.3% White, 5% Hispanic, 2.5 Other Race, 2.3% Mongrels, 1% Asian

Washington D.C.: 50.7% Black, 38.5% White, 9.1% Hispanic, 3.5% Asian


London: White 69%, Black 10%, Indian 6.6%, Mongrels 3.5%, Pakistani 2.4%, Bangladeshi 2.3%, Other South Asian 2%, East Asian (exl Chinese) 2%,Chinese 1.5%

Birmingham: 70% White, 19.5% Asian, 6.1% Black, 2.9% Mongrels

Södertalje - About 40% of the inhabitants have foreign backgrounds, and this proportion currently increases by 1.5% per year. 35% of the inhabitants are Assyrian/Syriac people. There is also a great number of people with iraqi orgins. Since 2003 Södertälje has taken in more refugees than USA and Canada combined. Swedish kids are a minority.

Malmö - 30% of Malmö's inhabitants, are born abroad, and this number doesn't include their kids born in the country.

Stockholm - Approximately 26% of Stockholm's residents are of an immigrant or non-Swedish background. Largest numbers of immigrants are: Turks, Kurds, Bosnians, Arabs, Somalis, Albanians, Syriac, Persian, Hispanics.

Gothenburg - According to Statistics Sweden in 2005, there are 108,480 immigrants resident in Gothenburg, which is about 20% of the population.

Oslo - An estimated 27% of Oslo's population consists of immigrants, predicted to increase to between 44% and 51% around 2030. In 2008, the immigrant population accounted for about 82% of the population growth of the city. From 1970 to 2007, the ethnic Norwegian population decreased by 10.1% while the immigrant population increased by 823.6%

49% of schools have a non-white majority.

Drammen - 21,5% of the population are foreigners and their percentage keeps growing every year. Turks and Iraqis are the biggest groups of foreigners.

Bergen - In 1986, immigrants accounted for less than 1% of the population of Bergen. As of 2007, they account for more than 10% of the population. Kurdish, Vietnamese and Chilean immigrants are biggest groups.

Copenhagen - As of 2010, 78.4% of Copenhagen's population is Danish, 7.0% are immigrants from white countries. 14.47% are of a non-white background, and growing.

London - According to the Office for National Statistics, based on 2007 estimates, only 69.0 per cent of the 7.5 million inhabitants of London were White, with 57.7 per cent White British. White English kids are a minority in London schools.

Birmingham - The ONS estimates that, in 2007, 62.1% of the population was White British. 57% of primary and 52% of secondary pupils are from non-white British families.

Leicester - According to 2006 estimates, 58.3% of residents are white British. 30% of the population is Asian, and 5% is black. White children a minority among pupils.

Slough -The town has a white British population of 62.1%

Luton - Luton has a significant population of Asian descent, mainly Pakistani (9.8%), Bangladeshi (4.3%) and Indian (4.2%). The 2005 Office of National Statistics figures revealed that town had a white British population of 61.3%

Wolverhampton - Nearly a quarter (24.6%) of the population is of black or minority ethnic origin, with the largest non-white category being Indian at 12.3%

Bradford - In 2006, it was estimated that 74.9% of the city's population was White. 2.9% Mixed Race, 20.5% Asian or Asian British, 1.6% Black and 0.6% from other races

Rotterdam - 46% of the population are of non Dutch origins or have at least one parent born outside the country.

Amsterdam - Today, people of non-white origin make up approximately 33% of the population of Amsterdam, and more than 50% of children

Eindhoven - 28.8% are of foreign descent. Largest minority groups include Turks, Moroccans, Surinamese and Arubans.

Utrecht - About 69% of the population is of Dutch ancestry. 21% of the population is of non-white origin (9% Moroccan, 5% Turkish, 3% Surinamese and Dutch Caribbean and 5% of other countries)

Stuttgart - 40% of Stuttgart's residents, and 64% of the population below the age of five are of immigrant background.

Berlin - All in all, about 25%-30% of the population is of foreign origin. Turks are by far the largest group.

Cologne - 17.2 percent of Cologne's population is non-German. The largest group, comprising 6.3 percent of the total population, is Turkish.

Significant and large populations of foreigners exist in Munich, Dortmund, Hanover, Hamburg, Rine-Ruhr, Aachen, Duisberg, Bremen, Frankfurt, Hesse and the North-Rhine Westphalia, but statistics are not kept on this.

Paris - France does not allow ethnic statistics, but officially the number of non-whites in Paris is 20%. In reality this number is much higher, and anyone who has been in Paris will know I am right. Among children, non-European children are in absolute majority in Paris, possibly 70-80%.

Lyon - Estimated by unofficial sources(France doesn't allow ethnic statistics) that 45% of the population is non-white. Among children even higher.

Nice - Extremely large rates of non-white immigration.

Marseille - Marseille has always been one of the main gateways into France. In 1999, 22% of the population was born outside of France. As of today, muslims alone make up 35% of the population.

Brussels - Brussels has a large concentration of Muslims, mostly of Turkish and Moroccan ancestry, and mainly French-speaking black Africans. Belgium does not collect statistics by ethnic background, so exact figures are unknown, but one estimate puts the number of Muslims alone in Brussels at 15%. Counting other non-whites, that number rises to 33%

Liège - Has large populations of Arabic and Congolese people.

Charleroi - Non-white population estimated around 30%. Immigrants in Charleroi has turned it into one of Europes most criminal cities.
Vienna - Muslims alone make up around 10% of the population. Number of non-white people in Vienna may be at around 20-25%

Bern - Foreign nationals: 22%

Zürich - Foreign nationals: 31%. Of those, non-European: 20%

Madrid - Non-whites are at around 15% and growing extremely quickly due to Northern African immigrants pouring into Spain.

Barcelona - The non-white population(coming mostly from Latin-America and Northern Africa) has tripled in 7 years, from 3% to more than 13%.

Spain's population is still overweight white but decreasing fast due to low birth-rates and mass-immigration. There are also millions of undocumented illegal immigrants.

Lampedusa - 3 times as many North Africans as Italians.

Padova - 1 in 5 babies born are non-white.

Italy's population is still overweight white but decreasing fast due to low birth-rates and mass-immigration. There are also millions of undocumented illegal immigrants.

Athens - Around 20% non-white, and loads of undocumented illegal immigrants.

12% of the population is Turkish.

12% of the population is Gypsy.

These 2 groups have massive birth-rates.

Bulgarian birth-rates are extremely low.

Moscow - Home to more than 3 million non-white Muslims and loads more of christian non-whites and Asians.

Stavropol - Tons of non-whites.

Volgograd - Tons of non-whites.

Krasnodar - Tons of non-whites.

Several dozens cities dominated by gypsies. Non-white immigrants have started to arrive.


- Around 15% Africans and Asians.

fonte: Stormfront
algumas destas estatísticas nem são bem actuais. quer dizer que, resumidamente, estamos a caminhar para a extinção total dos Povos Europeus a muito breve trecho.

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