"O que Lénin e Trotsky não atingiram com o fim de conduzir as forças que dormitam no bolchevismo para a vitória final, será obtido através da política mundial da Europa e América." - Rosenberg 1930

sexta-feira, 22 de julho de 2011

«imigrantes enrique$$em-nos culturalmente»

Cecilia Malmström, Comissária para os Assuntos Internos na Comissão Europeia diz: 

 “Successful integration implies that migrants are given the opportunity to participate fully in their new communities. Learning the language of the receiving country, getting access to employment and education and having the socio-economic capacity to support themselves are crucial elements for a successful integration. To date, integration of migrants in Europe has not been very successful. We must all do more – for the sake of the people coming here, but also since well-integrated migrants are an asset for the EU, as they enrich our societies culturally and economically.


Integration must start where people meet every day (work places, schools, public areas, etc). Measures to strengthen democratic participation should include training and mentors, facilitating for migrants to vote in local elections, creating local, regional and national consultative bodies, or encouraging entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation."

ler mais aqui:

e para ver em Português:

a mesma bosta de sempre, devemos fazer mais para integrar os imigrantes, e agradecer-lhes por estarem nos nossos países, porque nos "enriquecem" culturalmente e economicamente...
a integração ainda não foi bem sucedida, diz esta Comissária. e como se não bastasse tudo isto, ainda acha que se deve facilitar o voto dos imigrantes nas eleições locais...mais uma fraude à la democracia. mais batotice e canalhice desta gente sem escrúpulos. enfim, tudo se espera vindo desta escumalha da UE...

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deve ter sido encomendado pela maçonaria.

o fenotipo do terrorista:

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SUSPECT identifies himself as “anti-racist pro-homosexual, pro-Israeli” and attacked Vlaams Belang and the English Defense League on document.no (a website that appears to represent a Norwegian version of American neo-conservatism).

“That’s why we have to ensure that we influence other culturally conservatives to take our anti-racist pro-homosexual, pro-Israeli line of thought.” – Anders Behring Breivik

The English language facebook page identifying the killer as a “Christian” & “Conservative” was created AFTER his killing spree was over.

As soon as the killers name was released thousands of people began looking up his facebook page. It is common for people to make hoax pages when someone is in the news. Initially a page in Norwegian appeared bearing the suspect’s name. Then facebook deleted it. A SECOND page in ENGLISH then appeared bearing the suspect’s name and a single photo. Facebook also quickly deleted it. However the “mainstream” media is gleeful using this second facebook page to demonize Christians and Conservatives.

This was his original facebook profile.

This is the doctored up profile used by the "mainstream" media.

This was spree killer Anders Behring Breivik’s facebook original profile immediately after his name was released. And on the right a new English language facebook profile that appeared minutes later.

Click of the profiles to see the full sized versions.

Several things have been doctored up to alter the suspects political views. First a section titled “Philosophy” has been added to include “Christian,” and “Conservative.” The media has used this to great lengths.

Secondly, a previous section under the Norwegian term “Annet” is gone. In this former section the suspect identifies his heroes as Winston Churchill and Max Manus, the leader of the Norwegian anti-Nazi resistance. Someone in Norway picking these two men as his heroes would indicate that he is a moderate or centrist. More the middle of the political spectrum than the fringes.

Further, the suspect left the conservative Norwegian Progress Party four years ago and had been posting messages on a website that represents the Norwegian version of a Bush/McCain “neo-con.” Not a “right-winger,” or “ultra-nationalist.” Some European and Russian news outlets have even called him a “white supremacist” and/or “neo-Nazi.”

In fact, here is the website that the suspect most actively posted on and supported. The man who runs it is a Billy Kristol style neo-con. It is called document.no and run by Hans Rustad a Jewish man. Rustad is a former left-wing journalist turned neo-conservative. The website claims that only Muslims immigration should be restricted and that Asians and non-Muslim Africans are “making a positive contribution to Norway.” The website fanatically supports Israel and opposes Norwegian recognition of Palestinian statehood.

Rustad has decided to publish a collection of the suspect’s posts on his website. It is very extensive. None of the comments are extreme or hint at a desire to commit violence.

On one comment, suspect Breivik calls the English Defense League an embarrassment and says it “lacks ideological training.” He attacks the Vlaams Belang as racist and anti-gay. He says Vlaams Belang needs many “reforms” to “reach our level.”

Norwegian police are now saying that the suspect had no known connection to any radical groups.

The media falsely portrayed the radical leftist Jared Laughner, who is Jewish, as a “extreme right-winger” and “anti-Semite.” They portrayed the militant self-described “anti-racist,” bisexual, cross dressing Columbine killers (one of whom was Jewish) as “right-wingers” and “neo-Nazis.” So it was predictable that the media would have a field day with Anders Breivik, since he is right of center in some of his beliefs.

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Norwegian Killer Facebook Page Hoax


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The Jewish Stake in Third World Immigration - Dr. William Pierce


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"Jews will play a leading role in multicultural Europe," says Jewish researcher

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"The Jewish Stake in Third World Immigration - Dr. William Pierce


I already knew this...

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"Jews will play a leading role in multicultural Europe," says Jewish researcher"

this was already showned here...