"O que Lénin e Trotsky não atingiram com o fim de conduzir as forças que dormitam no bolchevismo para a vitória final, será obtido através da política mundial da Europa e América." - Rosenberg 1930

domingo, 5 de junho de 2011

suástica alemã pré/proto-nazi

suástica do Grupo de Thule constituído em Munique, por volta do ano 1918, em honra à ilha de Thule e à Antiguidade Grega (e Ariana).
o grupo de Thule é tido como o precursor do DAP (Partido Alemão dos Trabalhadores) que terá estado na origem do NSDAP (Partido Nacional-Socialista dos Trabalhadores Alemães), é pois um precursor do nazismo alemão, que terá contado com a participação do próprio Hitler, entre outros famosos Nacional-Socialistas alemães.

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European Union is crap:

"Protesters occupied the Ministry of Finance building in downtown Athens, took down the EU flag, prevented employees from entering, and called for a general strike. All this occurred just as the “troika” — the EU, the ECB, and the IMF — announced that Greece had met its austerity requirements and would receive the next €12 billion tranche of bailout loans. One of the criteria required of Greece was to change the definition of its “border areas” so as to allow more foreign purchase of real estate. In particular, some of the islands in the Aegean coast area were reclassified so that Turks could buy property there."

Pass it on!

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o berlusconi lixou-se com uma marroquina!

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"The woman is a 32-year-old Guinean immigrant who is married and has a 15-year-old daughter.

Reports say she lived on the fourth floor of a red brick apartment block in the Bronx. Neighbours there said she was a devout muslim who wore a headscarf and worked long hours at the Sofitel Hotel."

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"I do not understand. The muzzie headscarf is supposed to protect women from grabby men."